Brightpharma is a collaboration between key experts and companies with extensive  global scientific and operational backgrounds in pharmacy (community as well as industry), knowledge modeling (including SPL), project management, standardization, (digital) healthcare and innovation.

Closely connected to all global major pharmaceutical networks and federations and with standardization bodies such as the Object Management Group (OMG) and ISO.

Our mission is to facilitate pharmaceutical innovation to create sustainable and maximal medication impact.

Think-tank to co-develop the SPoT launched in 2018 with representation of CBG/MEB, EMA, pharma companies & EFPIA.


PNA Group

PNA is an expert in the area of knowledge management. We help organizations with knowledge-intensive challenges and we lay the foundation for sustainable and intelligent use of knowledge.  PNA fosters innovation, and stops the waste of knowledge, time and money. To reach this goal we developed the unique cogNIAM® method and improved it over the course of more than 20 years. We have applied CogNIAM to analyze and model knowledge, with the aim of obtaining a Single Point of Truth.  .

Our clients are large, knowledge-intensive organizations, mainly in the health and life sciences sector, the public sector, and the financial services industry . Our ideas serve as the basis for current world standards in the area of processes, business rules and data management.

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More than 300 billion USD in US & 125 billion EUR in Europe is wasted annually due to non-adherence to medication. Moreover, the WHO disclosed in 2017 that about 42 billion USD is globally spent on avoidable harm due to inadequate use of medication. Patients are increasingly tracking digital health data that allow for closer monitoring of adequate drug use. Using these data optimally can reduce the waste related to inadequate drug use.

pharmacare.ai facilitates pharmacists & pharmacy chains to use individual digital health data to augment apothecary intelligence, to improve the personalized care experience and to achieve circular pharmaceutical care

We develop “24/7-your-pharmacist-in-your-pocket solutions” which enable pharmaceutical care providers to digitally support patients with improved data insights. pharmacare.ai also provides educational tracks for building digital pharmaceutical care expertise.

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