SPoT is a structured, classified information model and associated data scheme. Every data element is stored exactly once.

Why SPoT?

Reliable pharmaceutical product information is a vital element to all stakeholders in modern healthcare.


SPoT builds on Structured Process Labeling (SPL) principles, is interoperable with HL7. It takes into account current regulatory frameworks like the QRD template and SmPC guidelines.

Increasing efficiency

Less time is required for updating, reviewing and checking. Data is recorded first time-right. Digital derivatives can be extrapolated in real-time.

Connecting with SPoT

Direct connectivity with Electronic Health Records can be achieved, allowing for instant updates of medicinal product information towards patients using the medicine.

Advantage of SPoT

All involved parties have access to the same structured product information. Information can be updated with minimal manual intervention.

SPoT is the sustainable foundation of high quality product information and the starting point for patient oriented information services and products.

SPoT provides benefits for all parties involved!

It is clear that a SPoT is advantageous to all stakeholders in the pharmaceutical ecosystem.


Pharmaceutical companies spend substantially less time and money on the processes for medicinal product information (new as well as revisions), as they enter data once in a controlled manner and can process updates more easily. The approval process with the regulator is easier and more efficient.


Regulators save time and money, as SPoT streamlines the approval process and requires less manual labor. After all structure and consistency do not have to be checked manually anymore.


Healthcare providers using SPoT can be certain that the data are complete, consistent, approved and up to date. This means that there is always a digital source of knowledge that is correct. That is why SPoT is also called the Single Point of Trust. Also, application of medicinal product information in a diversity of output formats, is much more easy.


Ultimately, the end user of a pharmaceutical product benefits greatly: as high-quality information is readily available to patients and healthcare providers, more time and financial resources are available for a personalized approach, personalized care and patient oriented innovation.

Our mission is to facilitate pharmaceutical innovation to create sustainable and maximal medication impact.


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